FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

​Simple!  Six easy steps:
1.  Select the package you are interested in.
2.  Complete the Service Selection information.  Include the address that you would like to be filmed.
3.  You will be contacted via phone, text or email to confirm the requested service.
4.  You will then be informed of the service date and approximate time, but you don't have to be there!
5.  Once complete, you'll be sent an email with the web address to download your requested products (please note that all services are for electronic product only - no "paper" photos!). 
6.  An electronic Invoice will be sent to you for payment.
Of course if you'd prefer to meet in person first, I'd be happy to do that as well!

What are some examples of using drones, or small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs), for commercial use?

Drones are becoming more common in every day use.  In fact, the drone industry is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in only a few short years.  Drone use is as varied as the imagination, but a few of the more common uses are:

-Real estate listings that includes aerial views of the roof, upper stories, yards, lot size and surrounding area to include house position in the neighborhood.
-Aerial crop surveys that enable identification of areas in need of water, pesticide treatment and harvest.
-Ranch land aerial views for planning and the management of large sections of land .
-Oil and Gas well aerial views for planning, safety and security purposes.  Often these inspections can be performed with no down time, unlike when a human does it.
-Construction or work site video and pictures for showing progress, site security and future use.
-Emergency services following natural disasters to include insurance claim video and picture follow up.
-Overhead views of aerial power, cable and telephone lines for integrity and clearance requirements.

What are some drone use limitations?

While fully FAA compliant, Double Eagle Aerial has self-imposed some additional restrictions to ensure the safe operation of the drone and the respect for property and privacy of others.  Some of these limitations are identified here:
(1) Double Eagle will not knowingly record or photograph people, property or processes with the intent of violating privacy without their consent.
(2) Double Eagle will not knowingly violate any local privacy or laws regarding such.
(3) Double Eagle will not operate a drone in less than desirable weather conditions i.e. rain, high winds, storms, fog etc. 

Drone Images


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