Real Estate & Property

Aerial photography is perfect to assess large expanses of land for irrigation, pest control, and productivity to name a few.

The drone can be used in all areas of real estate, including commercial, residential and industrial properties. Using the drone, real estate professionals can create promotional videos, photos and unique shots that normal camera aspects cannot capture. The easy-to-use video and photo platform enables properties to stand out, providing dazzling views that are typically shown via expensive computer animation or costly helicopter rentals. Imagine shooting a view from a high rise condo in stunning high definition that shows your potential customer the actual view from the residence. The remote platform is great for new planning, zoning and large developments. Simple and easy-to-use video and photos allow for multiple height pictures and elevation views.

Drone Images


Aerial photography changes the face of real estate and property sales by giving truly unique views of properties that were previously economically unfeasible.

Use aerial photography to get a closer look at steep terrain or anywhere where foot traffic may be undesirable.

Three very different views of the same property.  The left shows the typical real estate listing photo, but see how the other two photos demonstrate the depth and completeness of the property while giving a sense of the neighborhood as well.

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